Smartcuts by Shane Snow

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Entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow (Wired, Fast Company, The New Yorker, and cofounder of Contently) analyzes the lives of people and companies that do incredible things in implausibly short time.


  • Lateral thinking, find the warp pipes, do more with less. Super Mario brothers record 7 minutes, previous record 30 minutes, proficient 1-2 hours.
  • Rainy night, old sick lady, friend, you owe a favor and the once in a lifetime opportunity for romantic connection. You have one seat in your car; who do you pick up?
  • Momentum, not expertise, is the single best predictor or business and personal success

Chapter 1 – Hacking the Ladder

  • Bigger or better challenge: acquire something as large as a tv into a series of easier repeatable challenges. Small stretches.
  • Small wins: once a small win was obtained, forces are set in motion that favor another small win.
  • Ladder switch instead of going up the same ladder.

Chapter 2 – Training with masters

  • Mentors can pull you up several rungs of the ladder.
  • Learning from mentors organically is more effective than forced structured mentorship.
  • Ability to spot and learn deep insight from mentors makes you a first-class noticer
  • Mentors don’t always have to be someone you have access to on a personal level. You can learn a ton by learning about them, mimicking their actions as Louis CK did with Carlin and as Jimmy Fallows did with Adam Sandler.

Chapter 3 – Rapid feedback

  •  attribution theory says that people explain their success and failures “by attributing them to factors that will allow them to feel as good as possible about themselves”
  • further, since individuals tend to seek knowledge about themselves in ways designed to yield flattery results, even if someone were to engage in reflection after failing, he might seek knowledge to ~explain away the failure~
  • Whether feedback was helpful or not… the difference was how much the feedback because the person to focus on himself rather than the task.

Chapter 4 – Platforms

  • Finland schools: perhaps the most important benefit of having super-educated instructors is that a better-trained teacher teaches children how to learn, whereas the coach turned geography teachers who often teach how to memorize. Finnish education reflects dad: it focuses on teaching students how to think, know what to think.

Chapter 5 – Waves

  • Intuition is the result of non-conscious pattern recognition.
  • Through the liberal analysis, the little guy can spot waves better than the big company that relies on experience and instinct once it’s at the top. And a wave can take an amateur farther faster than an expert can swim.
  • The secret to great surfers is that they arrive at the beach early and they watch the swell and learn from it, and they recognize patterns.

Chapter 9 – 10x Thinking

  • 10x thinking is the arts of the massive swing
  • 10x goals force you to come up with Smartcuts
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